The true cost of a bank robbery:
The average bank robber escapes with relatively small amounts of cash but is the cash representative of the actual loss? Sick leave, workman's compensation claims, loss of goodwill and branch downtime impact financial institutions in ways that far exceed the loss of funds.

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Effective Prevention and Survival Programs To Keep

Your Employees and Assets Safe



Each session is from 9am to 4pm.  The cost is $295 per person.
March 24th - Sacramento, California

March 25th - Central Valley California - Fresno

March 26th - Los Angeles

March 27th - San Diego

June 8th - Center for Emergency Preparedness, Toledo Area

June 10th - Philadelphia

More dates to be announced!


The Bank Fraud and Security Boot Camp 2015               
Schedule of Events
9:00 am - Local and International Organized Crime  - Threats to your Financial Institution
The second decade of the new millennium. Cyber and Financial fraud's meteoric rise and the battle to stop it. Learn about what technologies are emerging to counter the threats.
10:00 am - Partnering with Customers to Reduce Losses and Restore Confidence
70% of fraud is discovered by our customers, not our systems.  How do we enlist their help and cooperation in our joint efforts to prevent loss? What percentage of your customers have been compromised by keyloggers and other forms of Malware?
11:00 am - Insider Fraud -  Are internal fraudsters lurking within your organization. Hear about how one long term Financial Institution employee caused the largest theft in banking history and the eventual insolvency and merger of her employer.
12:00 pm -  Lunch
1:00 pm - Fraud Metrics - How do you compare to the industry when it compares to fraud losses. Debit and credit fraud? Check Fraud? Internal Fraud? Wire and ACH Fraud?
2:00 pm  Financial Institution Security - Who will be the next victim?
A modified version of our full day Robbery and Violence in the Workplace program. If you feel that there aren't enough strategies available to avoid becoming a victim, you need to hear about S.A.F.E.C.A.L.M. and our other tools for preventing violent acts at our branches.
3:00 pm THE TAKEOVER - Can you train for the worst possible scenario to help ensure that your staff remain emotionally and physically sound? Our mock robbery exercise might change your mind about the way you currently train your staff.
4:00 pm Post Robbery Staff Support and Investigative Follow-up
 Join as at one of these remarkable facilities as the Bank Robbery Survival Team guides you through a full day of training including a Mock Note Passer training and an intense MOCK takeover exercise.  Join Security Professionals, law enforcement, Human Resources and training professionals for this valuable day allowing the participants to benefit by experiencing hands on real life experiences that threaten our front line staff.

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Training and On-Site Consulting Services

In addition to the most effective robbery prevention and fraud deterrence programs in the industry, BRS also offers:                         

  • Internal Theft Prevention Seminars
  • On Site Security Assessments and Evaluations
  • Fraud Risk Assessments and Mitigation Programs

Please see the Our Programs page for additional information.



They Expect Your Protection. 
Deposits, withdrawals and counterfeit checks, home equity loans and investment services.But have you taught her what to do when they want to take her hostage?           







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