The true cost of a bank robbery:
The average bank robber escapes with relatively small amounts of cash but is the cash representative of the actual loss? Sick leave, workman's compensation claims, loss of goodwill and branch downtime impact financial institutions in ways that far exceed the loss of funds.

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Effective Prevention and Survival Programs To Keep

Your Employees and Assets Safe

Each session is from 9am to 4pm.  The cost is $295 per person.


April - California Association of State Auditors

(Cyber Fraud Investigations and Interviewing for Auditors)

May  23rd and 24th - Albuquerque and Phoenix

September 12th - New Jersey

October - Houston and Dallas

                       The Bank Fraud and Security Boot Camp               
Scheduled Topics

The Best Cyber Fraud Prevention Tools that you probably aren't using.

Black Market Cyber Sites - Do you know where your cards are tonight?

Smartphones - The Next Frontier for Cyber Attacks

Account Takeovers - Why they are becoming so difficult to stop.

                                               Mobil Deposit Capture Fraud, Online Account Opening and Online Loan Applications. When you become the Target, what you don't know can hurt you.

SAFE CALM - A proven way to deter Note Passers

Mock Robbery Training - Mock takeover robbery using local actors  

Secondary Wounding - What NOT to do after a robbery.


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Training and On-Site Consulting Services

In addition to the most effective robbery prevention and fraud deterrence programs in the industry, BRS also offers:                         

  • Internal Theft Prevention Seminars
  • On Site Security Assessments and Evaluations
  • Fraud Risk Assessments and Mitigation Programs

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They Expect Your Protection. 
Deposits, withdrawals and counterfeit checks, home equity loans and investment services.But have you taught her what to do when they want to take her hostage?           



2017 - The Year of Call Center Fraud

Read what the ABA says about Fraudsters targeting Call Centers

One of our new programs for this year is Call Canter training.

Recently I spoke at an ACFE conference and my co-presenters were fraud professionals at two of America's largest banks. I asked each of them the same question. "What is your biggest fear?" and unison they responded, "Account Takeover via the telephone."

BRS covers this threat in depth at our Bank Fraud Boot Camp and also conducts on-site training of Call Center personnel at your location.  Service need not be compromised in the name of Safety and Safety need not be compromised in the name of Service.  Learn the techniques and tools being used by your most successful peers in meeting this pervasive threat head on!

NEW for 2017


Our one day program allows security firms to provide the latest in defensive and preemptive robbery deterrence and response protocols.  The keys to this service is safety ensuring that your officers respond to the threat of a bank robbery safely while maintaining a posture of threat avoidance.





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