The true cost of a bank robbery:
The average bank robber escapes with relatively small amounts of cash but is the cash representative of the actual loss? Sick leave, workman's compensation claims, loss of goodwill and branch downtime impact financial institutions in ways that far exceed the loss of funds.

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Effective Prevention and Survival Programs To Keep

Your Employees and Assets Safe



Each session is from 9am to 4pm.  The cost is $295 per person.


May 18th -Monday - Central Valley California - FRESNO

UCSF Center for Medical Research

June 29th - Monday - INLAND EMPIRE - Locatation TBA

July 28th - Tuesday - DETROIT AREA - CREST Law Enforcement Training Center

Oakland Community College

July 29th - Wednesday - PHILADELPHIA - Peirce College

September 11th - Friday - SF Bay Area

                       The Bank Fraud and Security Boot Camp               
Scheduled Topics

The Best Cyber Fraud Prevention Tools that you probably aren't using.

Black Market Cyber Sites - Do you know where your cards are tonight?

Smartphones - The Next Frontier for Cyber Attacks

Account Takeovers - Why they are becoming so difficult to stop.

                                               Mobil Deposit Capture Fraud, Online Account Opening and Online Loan Applications. When you become the Target, what you don't know can hurt you.

SAFE CALM - A proven way to deter Note Passers

Mock Robbery Training - A real takeover robbery - why this training saves lives and increases the chance of apprehension.

Secondary Wounding - What NOT to do after a robbery.


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Training and On-Site Consulting Services

In addition to the most effective robbery prevention and fraud deterrence programs in the industry, BRS also offers:                         

  • Internal Theft Prevention Seminars
  • On Site Security Assessments and Evaluations
  • Fraud Risk Assessments and Mitigation Programs

Please see the Our Programs page for additional information.



They Expect Your Protection. 
Deposits, withdrawals and counterfeit checks, home equity loans and investment services.But have you taught her what to do when they want to take her hostage?           







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